TeleDom Training Centre as a centre of Novitech Partner s. r. o., opens new opportunities for its existing and new customers. The serious challenge of today for everyone is how to improve our personal and group skills (companies), our competitiveness, which will a necessary condition for a new future: effective and everyday use of online collaboration in education in the management of the company as well as in communication with business partners.

Current list of topics

Improving people’s basic digital skills. Form: Self-study or assistance with a tutor in the form of a webmeeting. Exercises of customer’s choice: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Study outline by udemy.com supplemented according to the client’s requirements.

Online conversations and student group exercises with a TeleDom language tutor

Creation of a corporate Intranet portal for communication and management of company and/or project group activities.

Improving the visibility of your products and services on the Internet. Online advice from TeleDom expert on how to set up and/or improve your e-shop.

We will provide a communication and video conferencing platform to present your products and services to customers. We organize an online meeting for you, including inviting your potential customers.

International BTEC (British Technology Education Council) online course of 10-14 months. Moderated weekly by a TeleDom tutor in SJ and/or AJ.

The theme is suggested by the customer/user of the portal. Private group. TeleDom will also propose special topics for the meetings, which will be publicly available

Rules of cooperation on the TeleDom.online portal

Registration is compulsory and free of charge. It allows you to follow the schedule and some recordings of the current public events (online meetings) of the thematic groups.

To be made by a registered participant by completing a form for participation as a guest in a public meeting announced by the Planning Meetings Section. There is no charge for public events.

A registered user (Guest) can upgrade their profile to a member of the portal for a flat monthly fee, which entitles them to use all Office365 applications and free participation in all meetings for members for one month.

Private meetings are charged according to the hours of their moderation by the TeleDom lecturer. The line-up and composition of the participants is determined by the private meeting organizer. The client also determines the rules for inviting participants to the meeting (Public, paid or nominal list of invitees only).