Professional courses and seminars

Organizing professional seminars, workshops, and conferences is an integral part of our activities at the TeleDom Educational Center. The material of the professional seminars are created under the supervision of experts and in cooperation with representatives from the public and private sector. Current news, trends, content quality, and high presentation level are part of every prepared professional seminar. We organize face-to-face seminars.

Professional courses and seminars


1)  História a základná charakteristika  INCOTERMS
2) I N C O T E R M S 2020
3)  Pozícia predávajúceho a kupujúceho pri aplikácii pravidiel  Incoterms  2020 v logistických operáciach
4)  Cenové kalkulácie pri zvolených dodacích podmienkách podľa  Incoterms  2020

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